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Winshuttle Studio is a suite of powerful data management tools for updating SAP. With Studio you can easily create, extract and transform SAP data from familiar applications you’re already using. You can automate even complex business processes with just a few button clicks.

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Easily upload/download SAP to Excel from your desktop.

Automate complex business processes without programming.

Save time and improve data quality by reducing manual data entry.

Studio Modules


Update and create transactional and master data in SAP from Excel and Access without programming.

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Make ad-hoc reporting accessible to business users without compromising SAP security and performance.

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Build complex SAP data creation and change scenarios using BAPIs without ABAP programming.

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Roll out desktop solutions making SAP simpler for casual business users.

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Studio allows you to quickly deploy data integration templates for Excel, Access or web services to interact with SAP data. It also streamlines SAP batch data management processes, such as mass record creation or change. With Studio, users can move beyond just transaction-based recordings, and implement scripts that use SAP Business APIs (BAPI) and queries from SAP tables, infosets and logical databases, all without programming.


Because Studio combines five applications into a single solution, it offers:

  • A tightly integrated user experience
  • A significant discount over purchasing applications individually
  • A simplified licensing structure

Winshuttle Studio start page

Winshuttle Studio start page

Common data management tasks include:

  • Data migration: loading legacy systems data into SAP applications during initial SAP implementation or M&A activity
  • Data maintenance and transformation: mass changes to SAP data for price changes and payroll changes
  • Data integration: loading vendor invoices or bank statements into SAP applications
  • Mass data creation: creating new master data (materials, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (journal vouchers, invoices, etc) in SAP systems

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