SAP Use Cases

SAP Uses: One tool, many functions

SAP is a useful, but extremely complex system. Winshuttle’s SAP solutions can be used across the enterprise in virtually every department of a business; from finance and master data, to plant maintenance and supply chain management, Winshuttle products help solve problems many companies face with SAP usage and usability. The list below is just a small sample of how businesses are using Winshuttle’s automated solutions for SAP software.

Financial Postings

Improve SAP financial process efficiency by uploading journal postings directly from Excel to SAP, reducing any errors caused by manual processing. Enable finance teams to get everything posted correctly and on time during month/year end close, while reducing reliance on IT.

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Asset Accounting

Financial postings

SAP Asset Management

Create and update assets easily and accurately with Winshuttle’s automated SAP asset accounting solutions that offer the extensive flexibility you need to accommodate custom fields or other configuration-specific information. Templates and scripts created by the business can be used across the enterprise, improving data quality and accuracy.

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Master Data Management

Establish an effective data governance framework by focusing on proactive efforts like finding and correcting bad data at the source before it’s entered into SAP. Winshuttle allows you to focus on critical areas of data governance like simplifying SAP master data management, improving data quality and security in addition to creating documentation for standards and controlled processes.

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Master Data Management

Master Data Maitenance

Master Data Maintenance

Save time and reduce errors caused my manual entry by optimizing and automating the creation and maintenance of SAP master data. Winshuttle allows you to extract a large number of SAP master data records directly from within Excel to perform mass data maintenance without programming or IT resources.

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Sales Orders

Eliminate monotonous copying and pasting, and reduce errors found in orders by automating your SAP sales order creation and maintenance processes with Winshuttle. Utilizing Excel and web forms, users can take advantage of workflow capabilities to ensure sales orders are properly routed for approvals before being posted to SAP.

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Sales Orders



Easily update pricing data in SAP by extracting existing prices, applying changes and uploading new data, all from within the Excel interface. Seasonal pricing and ad-hoc updates can be adjusted on the fly, allowing you to stay ahead of market demand.

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