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Digital Evolution Virtual Summit

June 10, 2020  |  8:00am PT  |  11:00 am ET |  09:00 CEST

Now, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to do more with less, be more agile, and increase the productivity of distributed teams. Join this virtual summit to learn how you can employ digital strategies to gain a competitive advantage now and into the future.

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Do More with Less Theater

Keynote sessions led by industry experts, Winshuttle, Forrester, customers, and more:

 How the right technology and preparation enables organizations to weather any storm

John Pierson | CEO, Winshuttle

Join Winshuttle’s CEO, John Pierson, to hear his perspective on how to build agile and resilient organizations that remain productive and focused on shared goals even the most disruptive times.

 Transform Your Digital Experiences With Product Data

Amanda LeClaire | Analyst, Forrester

Across industries, the opportunities for companies to grow the business, increase customer satisfaction, differentiate from competitors, and thrive through disruption are all powered by digital. But Forrester data shows that nearly half of enterprises are still digital beginners. However, transformation doesn’t necessarily require a revolution, but rather an evolution. Marketing, commerce, IT teams already have an often under-tapped lever to level up in digital maturity and delight customers—product data. Join this webinar to learn: how PIM bridges operational platforms with digital experience initiatives to support your company’s digital journey, how product data powers customer experience, the digital trends that are broadening the scope of PIM, opportunities to leverage product data through disruption and beyond and the importance of digitizing core processes in support of transformation

 The End of Channel Conflict

George Lawrie | VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester

In today’s consumer market, buyers are always looking for ways to cut out the middleman. Manufacturers now have the added responsibility of implementing Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales while avoiding channel conflict with their distributors and retailers.

This must see webcast explores winners and losers as the digital marketplace forces companies to risk conflict with channel partners in order to sell based on insights into customers’ preferences directly with a robust master data management platform – winners can better differentiate their offers through fine grained insights but a failure to connect can lead to being acquired, loss of market share, or disruption from major internet competitors.

 Monster Energy Digitizes Their SAP Product Launch Processes

Rudio Rios | Director IT, SAP, Monster Energy
Heather Oebel | Enterprise Solutions Manager, Winshuttle
David Mcauliffe | Professional Services Consultant, Winshuttle

Getting new products to market faster is critical to success in today’s consumer-driven world. In this webinar, Rudy Rios, IT Director, SAP at Monster Energy, will detail how this fast-growing, global beverage company digitized and transformed their SAP launch processes with Winshuttle’s NPI (New Product Introduction) solution.

Hear how Monster took a three-phased approach to digital transformation, completing all phases in a six-month window and were able to:

  • Reduce launch cycles
  • Improve product data quality and governance
  • Get greater visibility into project status
  • Get predictable, scalable processes

The results from the three digital transformation projects have been impressive with Monster seeing significant reductions in cycle times across different launch types. And, Monster now has a flexible launch platform that can handle any launch type and that they can easily modify to keep up with their evolving business.

 Evolving Digital Into a Competitive Advantage

Kristian Kalsing  |  VP Products & Solutions, Winshuttle
Tammy Lake  |  Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

Large organizations are clamoring to digitize processes to compete with smaller, nimbler, digital-first companies. Join us to learn why automating processes in your SAP ERP core is critical for the success of your digital transformation efforts. Learn which SAP processes are prime candidates for automation and which technologies work best to digitize these processes at the speed and scale demanded by today’s digital economy.

Join this session to:

  • Discover which SAP processes are prime candidates for automation
  • Learn about technologies needed to automate data-intensive processes
  • See how to digitize SAP processes and speed and scale

 Trends in SAP Finance

Paul Ovigele | CEO, ERP Fixers

Andrew Hayden | Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Winshuttle

Paul Ovigele, CEO of ERP Fixers discusses what’s happening in the world of SAP Finance today and what trends he thinks will persist in the future.

 RPA for SAP: Why add SAP-specific automation to your portfolio?

Kristian Kalsing  |  VP Products & Solutions, Winshuttle

Based on insights from more than 75 companies, discover how organizations are adopting a portfolio approach to automation. Learn the differences between general-purpose RPA tools and SAP-specific automation capabilities and explore how tools are combined for different deployment scenarios.

 Doing more with less: Meeting today’s SAP FI-CO challenges through integrated process automation and data

Andrew Hayden | Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Winshuttle

Learn how to leverage Winshuttle to quickly implement process automation solutions to better manage your SAP finance operations. In it you’ll discover the advantages of using automation across your finance processes. Specifically how desktop automation can help you eliminate many slow, error-prone manual data entry processes and improve data quality. All while remaining compliant to meet your strict audit guidelines.

 Winshuttling from home: How Winshuttle helps you maintain productivity in uncertain times

Andrew Hayden | Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Winshuttle

Yoon Chung | Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

Jennifer Hwang | Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

Maria Simpson | Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

James Lofgren | Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

Winshuttle SE’s discuss their experiences working remotely and some tips for using Winshuttle from home. This session includes demos for:

  • Making mass pricing changes
  • Master Data management
  • Journal Entry management using Excel Workflow

 Winshuttle Evolve – Process Automation for your Strategic Data Assets

Kristian Kalsing | VP Products & Solutions, Winshuttle
Tammy Lake | Solution Engineer, Winshuttle

We’re excited to introduce Winshuttle Evolve—the only automation platform specifically designed to digitize strategic data processes like product launches, customer and vendor onboarding, GL account setup, plant maintenance, and more.

Join us to see how this no-code, low-code platform enables you to:

  • Digitize and streamline complex data-intensive processes
  • Improve data quality
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external procedures and controls

Digital Transformation Tracks

Including SAP master data, finance automation, multi-domain MDM, and PIM.

Customer Showcase

Featuring Winshuttle and Enterworks customers who are staying a step ahead in their industries.

New Product Highlights

Showing the newest Winshuttle solutions and how you can start doing more with less today.

Partner Pavilion

Highlighting our strategic alliance partners, who, along with Winshuttle, enable companies to transform their business.

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Hear from these great speakers:

Amanda LeClair


John Pierson


Paul Ovigele

ERP Fixers

Kristian Kalsing

VP of Product & Solutions

George Lawrie

VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals

Ingryd Hernandez

Senior Manager, Data Governance
US Foods

Marc Alvarez

Vice President, Data Management & Operations
Thomson Reuters

Rudy Rios

Director IT, SAP
Monster Energy

Ben Kielas

SAP Material Data Governance Lead

Holly Day

Data Conversion Manager
Columbia Sportswear

Dave Flock

Business Analyst
Columbia Sportswear

Richard Porter

Principal Enterprise Architect for Global Business Services

Heather Oebel

Enterprise Solution Manager

Andrew Hayden

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Martin Monka

Enterprise Solution Manager

David McAuliffe

Senior Consultant

Tammy Lake

Solutions Engineer