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EnterWorks Merged with Winshuttle to Strengthen Complementary and Adjacent MDM Capabilities and Provide an End-to-End Approach to Product Data and Other Critical Master Data

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Business processes are easier with Winshuttle.

Data Movement

Seamlessly move and maintain SAP data using Excel.

Workflow Applications

Automate your data-centric business processes using web forms and Excel.

Data Governance

Streamline data management to improve data quality and governance.

Leverage best practices and automation tools to get data right in S/4HANA the first time.

Improve your data quality

Streamline everyday business processes.

No matter what your work entails, it could always be improved. Winshuttle helps people, across many lines of business, do just that. Improve flexibility, be more efficient with repetitive tasks, decrease errors, and even rely on IT less often—all with complete confidence.

Data Management

Solve master data issues with skills you already know, and make modifications to your ERP system with tools you already have.

Finance and Accounting

Make sure your data is accurate, on time, and in compliance—while keeping costs down, even for automatic processes.

Information Technology

Quickly build solutions that grow with your data, without ever compromising SAP security and governance.

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Support wherever you are.

Winshuttle is the only company of its kind that provides around the clock support around the world. With a 98% customer satisfaction score and a Net Promoter Score double the industry average, our team goes above and beyond to make sure you’re successful with Winshuttle.

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